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The time is better than ever before

With the new possibilities in recent years to scale your IT platform through Cloud, combined with the fact that tools in the market for Robotics Process Automation - RPA - have matured, it's now time to invest in automation.

Cloud computing enables the number of robots serving your business to scale faster than before, which means you can now have new robots running in production within minutes / hours instead of as previously within weeks / months.

In addition, the robotic automation tools have now reached a maturity level, in the sense that functionalities do now cover the most common requirements for data collection and integration between systems.

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Not all robots are created equal

On the surface the results of an RPA project may look alike, but there may be big differences in how the robots are programmed / configured and that has a significant impact on quality. If your robots are properly implemented, RPA will have the potential to provide significant benefits in terms of reduced costs and increased quality, efficiency and productivity.

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We monitor your digital work force

RPA is a way to accelerate your business, but it does not come by itself. Robots are sensitive to changes in the IT environment and the application landscape, changes must therefore be closely monitored and maintained. NOVARO will help you do both.

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